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There are millions of Instagram “influencers” out there. But only a few are the right fit for you.

Find the influencers who will bring you the highest ROI with Flout.

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Illustration of Flout's features

If any of this sounds like you, you need Flout

“There are millions of “influencers” out there — how do I find the right ones for my brand?”

“I’ve heard influencer marketing can have 10x the ROI of other channels. How do I get those kinds of results?”

“I don’t want to waste my budget advertising to bots and fake accounts. How do I know which audiences are legitimate?”

“Instagram just shows me Likes and Followers — but will that translate to sales?”

“How do I know which influencers will actually put in effort and be a team player?”

“How do I know if this influencer’s aesthetic aligns with my brand?”

Search Flout’s portfolio of 250,000+ proven influencers

And gain the insight you need to know who’s right for you


Search for influencers based on your preferred criteria

Gain insight

Gain deep insight into each influencer’s audience, engagement and posts


View their past work and visual style to see who’s right for you

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Finally, the metrics you need to vet your candidates

Bots. Fake followers. Influencers who get likes but no sales.

Flout’s unique analytics give you deep insight into each influencer and their audience. So you’ll never be fooled into a bad arrangement.


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Identify lucrative opportunities with metrics your competitors wish they had

Likes don’t translate into sales. Engagement is what can make or break the success of your campaign.

If you want to know which influencers are worth your time, you need to see who can spark true engagement from their fans.

Flout analyzes comments for quality. And assigns engagement scores to each influencer in each space.

While everyone else is busy looking at superficial metrics, you’ll have deep insight into which influencers can truly capture their audience’s attention.

So you can find the influencers who will maximize your ROI.

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Never waste a minute (or a dollar) on fake followings

Instagram is rife with bots and paid accounts. Even honest influencers attract bots and fake followers.

Flout gives you unprecedented insight into the authenticity of every following. With machine learning algorithms that sniff out bots and paid accounts.

Audience Authenticity Scores show you how many real people — potential buyers — follow each influencer. So you don’t waste your time or budget on fake audiences.

Measure Audience Authenticity Now


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See who’s good at selling (and avoid those who aren’t)

Some influencers get high engagement on their personal posts. But low engagement on sponsored posts.

Flout shows you each influencer’s engagement score per post. So you can see which influencers are better at selling. And maximize your ROI.

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See who fits your brand at a glance

Before you’re ready to consider a candidate, you want to know if their brand aligns with yours:

What do their sponsored posts look like?

What’s their aesthetic?

Flout puts each influencer’s complete ad history at the forefront of your search.

So you can quickly judge if their look and brand aligns with yours.

Find the Right Fit for Your Brand


Flout's inspiration library for successful campaigns

Fuel your campaign with inspiration from the best brands

Coming up with great ideas for ads and campaigns is time-consuming. And frustrating.

But with the right inspiration, you can come up with great ideas quickly.

Flout gives you all the inspiration your campaign needs.

See how successful brands run their campaigns. And use their great ideas as a jumping off point for your own.

Use Flout free. No hidden fees.

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You are just minutes away from finding the perfect influencer to boost your sales

  • Search our portfolio of 250,000+ proven influencers
  • Get unique insight into audience engagement & authenticity
  • Fuel your next campaign with inspiration from successful posts
  • Get support through in-app chat
  • Separate influencers who get sales from those who just get likes
  • Use Discovery Shortcuts to find great fits even faster
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